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We are undeniably a part of a highly connected world. From social media to connected cars and automated devices, everything we do has a digital footprint. That also makes us far more vulnerable than we used to be and internet security is a priority for everybody. There is no better time to become certified in cybersecurity than now.

Our course material is strategically designed to integrate you efficiently into the cybersecurity workforce and all modules have been developed by industry experts, making Lakshya Academy the ideal platform for cybersecurity training.


The Beginner level courses are designed to give you an understanding of the fundamentals of cybersecurity. They will give you a birds eye view of key functions within cybersecurity, including ethical hacking, threat intelligence, network security and more. Enrol for one of our beginner courses and get the right insights to take you forward in a career in cybersecurity.


The Intermediate level courses give an in depth understanding of specific areas within cybersecurity with a more hands on approach to the training modules. The courses at this level gives a much deeper insight into how the cybersecurity functions run in an organisational set up. There are multiple areas that you can explore in our intermediate courses including Web application Security, Penetration Testing, Advanced Cryptography and more.

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The advanced training moduls are designed to give you an end-toend understanding of niche ares within cybersecurity. The courses are extensive and will include extensive on the job training. The course material is designed to target specific, highly sought after qualification within cybersecurity, including malware analysis, reverse engineering, IOT security and more.

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